Sarah Shorthouse is a Hampshire based ceramicist. After a career in Journalism at the BBC, Sarah trained in ceramics at Swindon College of Art. Until recently she has worked as studio assistant to Chris Keenan and Carina Ciscato, and has now established her own studio.

My work is inspired by both rural geological forms, man-made urban forms and the human body. There is an exploration of the narrative of angles and how that interplays with form whilst maintaining a functionality. Shadows, balance of angles as well as contours all interplay in my ceramics and stimulate me. All my vessels are wheel-thrown in porcelain and stoneware with oxide additions. The thrown form is then cut and re-assembled, often in an instinctive and intuitive way

Sarah is always happy to discuss her work, and will undertake commissions.
Please get in touch with Sarah through the Contact page.